Simply put, mediation is a form of dispute resolution in which a neutral third party helps participants reach a voluntary agreement through "principled negotiation." The benefits of mediation include:

  • Direct and honest communication between participants about each of their respective goals and interests, rather than their positions.
  • Each participant speaking for him or herself in a manner that is not disrespectful of the other participant.
  • Negotiation between the participants in a way that represents their "best selves".
  • Successful mediation allows the participants to avoid the uncertainty of court.
  • Mediation costs far less than litigation because the focus is on the resolution.
  • Mediation occurs on the participants’ timeline, so an agreement can be accomplished much quicker than through the court system.
  • Mediation is a confidential and private process, unlike litigation which plays out in a public courtroom.


Morra Mediation understands that divorce is a transition for the entire family; no one is left out. Both spouses are affected; children, in-laws, extended family, and even long term friendships that have been developed as a couple can be affected.

Many issues can be in front of you; including financial matters, property division, custody/parenting, and financial support for a spouse and the children. Morra Mediation will assist you in the process while working together to resolve issues brought on by the divorce; with the goal of a salvageable relationship so that both parents can continue to work in the best interest of their children.


There are special issues for parents who are divorcing or separating, and their children. Mediation is especially suited to address the issues and concerns about custody and parenting time.

Custody and parenting time (in the old days, referred to as visitation), can be very highly contested topics. Being a parent myself I understand why; the most important part of a family are the children! What mediation will do is allow each of the participants to openly and candidly discuss the topic with an intended outcome of what is the most appropriate custodial designation.


In addition to divorce mediation and custody/parenting time, families may face other areas of dispute that can be addressed in the controlled environment of mediation.  Other areas of expertise include: child support, property settlement agreements, prenuptial agreements, domestic partnership agreements, and post-divorce modification issues.

Next Steps...

Mediation is a powerful, cost-effective way for people to reach resolution without destroying relationships and without the uncertainty of going to court.

Through mediation, Morra helps participants have all the information necessary to make a decision, and then helps craft a solution unique to their situation. Experience and studies have consistently shown that agreements reached through mediation last longer and provide a stronger foundation for healing for all participants involved; especially when children are a concern.