Jeff  began college at the University of  Nevada, Reno, before transferring to UCLA where he received his B.A. in Political Science.  Accepted into Lewis and Clark in Oregon, Jeff then earned his J.D. and made Oregon his home. He focused his practice in Family Law for the majority of his law career. Unsatisfied with the traditional litigation approach to divorce, he decided to focus solely on mediation.

Jeff certainly understands families and different dynamics. While practicing Family Law, he raised two daughters; one with special needs. Navigating life with kids, especially one with special needs, definitely provides a patient and understanding mediator.

Jeff didn't take the "normal route" of going straight to Law School; he chose a non-traditional route. From working in the construction industry to becoming a successful scuba instructor, Jeff has had the unique opportunity to work with people from all backgrounds.  It means something to have to "work" your way through Law School;  a rewarding and tough experience always builds character!

Having practiced Family Law for so many years, in various counties throughout Oregon and Washington, Jeff offers a complete understanding of the court system, the processes, and how a judge might "think."  He is fully aware of  the constraints the judicial system puts on judges that might be determining the outcome of your case.

Next Steps...

Mediation is a powerful, cost-effective way for people to reach resolution without destroying relationships and without the uncertainty of going to court.

Through mediation, Morra helps participants have all the information necessary to make a decision, and then helps craft a solution unique to their situation. Experience and studies have consistently shown that agreements reached through mediation last longer and provide a stronger foundation for healing for all participants involved; especially when children are a concern.