What is Mediation?

Mediation is pretty simple; it is designed to help all participants and can be especially helpful for people who believe their differences are so great that they will never be able to agree. It's also for those who agree on some issues, but need help coming to resolution on that “last matter” that continues to hold up the process.

Both participants meet with the mediator and work to reach the best possible agreement of their dispute in a respectful and amicable way. The best agreement is one that meets the most important interests of all participants.

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Mediation is a powerful, cost-effective way for people to reach resolution without destroying relationships and without the uncertainty of going to court.

Through mediation, Morra helps participants have all the information necessary to make a decision, and then helps craft a solution unique to their situation. Experience and studies have consistently shown that agreements reached through mediation last longer and provide a stronger foundation for healing for all participants involved; especially when children are a concern.